Hammered horse jerky hands

Hey all,

I had to take an eight month lay off due to a knee injury. I just recently started riding again and have been on a track five times in the last couple of weeks.

My problem is that my hands resemble hammered horse jerky. I cannot recall ever getting blisters so bad after not riding for a while. I have tried new gloves, old gloves, athletic tape on my hands, hand lotion to make sure they are soft and supple and a few other witches brews. Nothing has seemed to help. Any suggestions or ideas????

I'd be pulling my hair out right now except I can't make a fist!!! :)

Thanks in advance, Ernie

For the most part, you probably just have to go through the pain until you build your callouses up. Tape is about the only thing I can think of that will help in the mean time. It should do the trick if wrapped well. Hand lotion is probably not the best idea for now, and might be part of the ongoing problem of them being too soft and blistering.

Another thought (you didn't list trying) is to go to a softer grip. Also, the bend of your handlebars might not be best for your riding style as the sweep may be at angle that is causing you to rub the inside of the grip too much as well. Try twisting them higher in the clamps or getting a straighter bend.

Agree with BMC1, the lotion is probably not helping - LET THOSE MEATHOOKS HARDEN UP PARDNER!

Also, I know after I broke my leg I rode tense for a LONG time. Maybe you're sub-consciously hanging on too tight as part of coming back from a big blowout?

Looking forward to the 23rd at VMC


One other thing to try... I wear ultra-thin polypropelene

gloves as liners. I've tried the UnderWear gloves but they

seem to be a little bit loose for me.

Bottom line to get toughed up though is seat time...

Callouses come with time and thats a bummer. Try soft grips and glue them well. I personally use Fox gloves and Thor because they have good palm leather and an extra ply of leather on the outside of the hand between thumb and pointer finger knuckles. Hey I got a bad knee too,but I'll never stop riding or skiing! Good luck Ernie --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2001YZ 426F ----- 1996XR 650 L My (lunchtime and daily ride to work) :)

You guys are right....like I knew you would be!!! I have been riding a few more time since the original post. The hands are getting worked into shape. Just some slight blisters now and I have been riding for more time too. They must have just turned into girls hands while I was laid up!! :)


You're not taking matters in had enough... Write back when your're tired of pulling on the grips (literally).

P.S. I get the same problem. Just keep riding and it gets better.

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YZernie, I was always told I was gripping too tight when my hands looked like hamburger. But at race speed what else is one to do. So I experimented with diffent grips & bar bends. What works best for me is:

Renthal Firm grips with YZ bend bars

after trying almost every bend know to us mortals including Doug Henry bend.

I am experimenting with new scott grips - soft with gel palm. But have started getting Yama-Thumb

-- rubbed off skin on top of thumb at lower thumb joint. I have a buddy who religously wraps ducktape on his thumbs.


I've noticed that the thumb hits the throttle assembly which causes that problem.

I first cured this by cutting the large end of an old grip, and slipping that on before the new grip was put in place. Works great.

Later on, I replaced the factory throttle tube with a metal one to resolve some slop issues, and learned that this too cures the problem, since the metal tubes have just enough support to keep the grip end from easily folding in allowing your thumb to hit.

As for blisters, I still get them. It's a matter of movement and heat. Lotion never works, but Neosporen (spl?) does wonders.

Over gripping or holding on too tight is a problem as well. Nerves! I use to break this habit by riding with just my finger tips (until you have to brake). This will teach ya that you don't have to hold on as tight as you may think.


What worked for me was I cut a donut out of a coffee can lid and put it on prior to the grip on the throttle side when I went to an aluminum tube, the stock plastic donut is just a tad too small. Good luck with that, ever notice that it doesnt bug ya till your done riding? Thats the power of concentration. Now if your diggin a trench or ditch for your sprinklers it seems to hurt within seconds.


I've found that the only surefire method to cure this is not by bar or grip changes, but through a strict post ride rehab regimen:

1) after riding, take a long hot shower.

2) move to living room, sit in couch and prop feet up on coffee table.

3) have attractive female deliver icy cold 12 ounce beverage in aluminum container.

4) hold said beverage in affected hand. use two if both hands hurt.

5) replace when empty. (cooling power of empty beverage container diminishes with fluid level).

This method has cured the sensation of burning blisters in my hands on the few occasions I've had them. As a side benefit, the soreness in my legs and forearms diminished as well.

Happy new year everybody!!

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