Best 2009-2010 450?

I am planning on purchasing a 450 in the next year and am wondering which model is the best out of the 2009 and 2010 years. I cant afford anything newer than that and I think that is when fuel injection was added to the honda (09) and yamaha (10). My biggest concerns are reliability, fit and easy maintenance. i had a ttr225 when i was 13 but have ridden quads till now and have lots of experience on a yfz450. My younger brother just bought an 04 crf450 and i was shocked at how much freaking power that thing has when i tested it out. Almost too much power for me, but i am 6'1 185 and i think a 250 wont be enough when we go to the dunes. I was recently gifted a 1989 XR250r due to a death in the family of a friend. its a little rough but should be fine with some TLC. I plan on riding this for a year to get comfortable on a dirt bike again and hopefully by next year ill be ready to move up to a 450. I will be doing a lot of trail and dirt road riding but also multiple trips a year to the coast.


which 450 should i be looking for? 

Honestly, you can't really go wrong with any of the major Japanese brands. They all have minor ups and downs, but nothing that would really sway me one way or the other, except maybe the Honda with its steering dampener (09+). For dirt roads and trails, just be sure you're looking at the proper models (KLX instead of KX, WR instead of YZ and CRFX instead of CRFR).


If you want a dual sport, I'd strongly look at the KTM525 EXC.

Im not really looking for a dual sport. I would consider a 450x but i want to stick with the racing models. i guess the crf and yzf have my attention right now. does anybody know which brand fits taller people best? i dont like feeling like my knees are going to touch my elbows and this was the case often on my old yfz450.

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