stock tank question

On the stock oem tanks.  Theres some confusion from what ive read on these boards.   Some say the tanks are swappable between xr250 and xr400 others say theres a difference.   Part numbers are different for purchasing oem stock tanks.   ebay has them listed as xr250 and xr400 interchangeable for a STOCK tank.   Whats the final word on this? Interchangable or no?

I'm not sure but if there was going to be any difference, I would think it would be the tanks "mounting brackets" that differ between the two bikes, and not so much as the tank itself.

Might see what you can find about that.

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I put a 250 tank on a 400 but had to make the front mounts .The 250 mounts were shorter.


thats interesting.  in the honda specs it lists both tanks as 2.9 gallon total but the xr 400 has .1 gallon less reserve i guess because of tilt of tank 

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The 400 tank is wider thru the 'tunnel' to clear the frame.  My 250 tank will not fit over the 400 frame; have not tried the 400 tank on the 250.

Reserve capacity is determined by the height of standpipe into the tank, I've reduced reserve capacity on XR200 tanks by using a XR100 petcock. All of the XR petcocks using two bolts interchange, just different standpipe heights. I've measured XR200 and XR250 petcocks and they have 4" tall standpipes, XR100s 2.9".  Don't know the height of the XR4 or XR6s.

good advice chuck



As long as the tunnel clears the frame, then its just the front mount lining up.  Aftermarket tanks come with a couple of different, cheap mounting brackets that you can pivot in the mounting hole to extend or move the holes to line up. XR600 tanks are not listed as compatible  with XR350s, but  they work just fine.  Not comparable bikes (frames are different) but just to show that they don't always list every bike that a part will work with. 

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I put a XR100 tank on a XR200, the tunnel was smaller and the bottom of the tank about 2" higher.  The tunnel clearance problem was fixed by using two of the small XR200 rubber on the backbone tub.  The second with some aluminum plates to connect the tank mounts to the XR200 frame mount.  The smallet tank reduced the fuel load but didn't lower it.

Tank 00 XR100 on 90 XR200R - Copy.JPG


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