Ex pro level forks

Put 2500 into your forks....... I'll bet you like them just fine.

^ +1


They definitely look beat. 

'From a pros bike four years+ ago...' what happened to the rest of the bike?

Worth a couple of hundred at best.

Id be surprised if 98% of the riders who even check this forum, couldnt put a fraction of that into their forks, and get very rideable results that are def not what is slowing them down ;-)

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A guy could get both his shock and forks rebuilt with new bearings, seals and bushings with a re-valve and re-sprung for rider weight, DLC coat the shock shaft and fork legs for what he wants for a set of forks that probably haven't been apart in 3 years of riding. Oh wait, looks like he did change the oil. 


And he looks like he had to scroll a "F" on the front of the upper triple clamp to remember which way to put it back on :)

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Man, you could buy a set of brand new Ohlins for that price.....

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