1993 xr600 chain guard/drive chain case?



Everything was fine on the safety today except I need some kind of a chain guard on top of the chain or I'm not passing.


I don't see any stock parts for the top of the chain?  Called a dealer and they only suggested the drive chain case which I don't think will do the trick at all?




Am wondering if the xl600r chain guard could be rigged up to fit?  Or if there are generic guards that could be fitted up?  Any suggestions are most welcome!


So close ... yet so far ...  lol...

Think I'm just going to borrow one from a friend's bike for the safety.  Problem solved. 

I have a 95 xr600 and there is no chain guard or anything on the top of the chain.  Not sure what they are asking for.  Borrowing from a friend is a great idea though if he has a part that will pass it.  I was going to suggest going to a different place to get it looked at.  I've found that they seem to always be looking for something different each time I go.  Last time, I got all kinds of grief about my spokes and the time before that it was the odometer and then the time before that it was DOT tires.  Sometimes just getting a different person will do the trick.

Yes, we're going to rig up his chain guard on mine tomorrow.  A couple L-clamps and drill some holes and I should be good to go.  It will look like crap but it will be coming right off again.


You are absolutely right about the surprises.  The funny thing is that the same guy passed my Suzuki dr350s with no chain guard last summer.  lol...  I couldn't really say much after the fact because technically it is supposed to have one too. 

i stuck a 79 twinshock chaingaurd on my '90. Fitted pretty good with minor mods.

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