best quad for racing?

ok so i want a 450 and my budget is 3000 so what would be the best quad i can get for racing. thanks for reading


Ltr450 or can am 450. Best quads on the market.



First off, from your budget, you are buying used... so rather than considering brand loyalty, consider overall condition and setup of the bike you are looking at... another factor should be price and availability of parts for said bike... for example, where I live I can get any available Yamaha part in 3 business days, yet Honda parts take 10 business days minimum... break your Yam and you are back out riding next weekend, but break your Honda and you lose 2 weeks waiting for parts... that's if you do your own work instead taking it to a shop... do yourself a favor and buy a good shop manual for your bike, whatever it is that you buy... Cheers

ok so i want a 450 and my budget is 3000 so what would be the best quad i can get for racing. thanks for reading

for racing I'd say a trx or the ltr. Now I'm a Honda guy so trx. But the yfz is a great quad for trails and track. If you ride strictly track then I'd get a trx for sure.

if your always going to be on a tight budget, as most of us are and plan on working your way up to a fast class....go for a honda. I do all my own work and i can rebuild a honda for a fraction of what it cost to rebuild any of the other ones. And ive rode them all but KTM. If you dont plan on ever moving above C class go for a 09+ YFZR. all the power and suspension a C class rider needs right out of the box

The "best" quad for racing is the Ds450.  lightest, no weld frame, most horsepower, more torque, comes stock with fox suspension and pro armer bumper and nerf bars, stock with pro tapers, 45mm throttle body fuel injected.. maaan... just thinking about that thing.  :D  


 But your budget is 3 grand? no ds for you, they are very expensive. if 3 grand is your limit go with an Ltr450, they are overall the second best.       Stay far far away from any trx450r or yfz450 under 2006, absolute crap. I have personal experience to back that up..              But i would go with an Ltr.  if u find a trx or yfz make sure they are 2006 + or avoid them.

The one in the best shape in your price range. Buying used 4 strokes is tricky business, don't be worried about the color of the fenders, instead you should be concerned with how well it was maintained. You could land a bike that, when new was slightly better then all the others but if the motor grenades on you you're out $3000. 

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