Crank seal install oops!

I am installing a hotrods crank kit in a 99 Kx250.  I installed the seals and bearings.  I then lubed the seals, bearings, and crank.  Then installed the crank in the gear half of the case.  It was in the freezer so it dropped in without  much effort.   I applied sealer to the case halfs then bolted them together.  When I flipped it over to see my finished product I saw that the oil side crank seal had cought the lip on the crank and pulled the sealing surface out.

Long story made short, I know I need a new seal, but do I dare reuse a new bearing once I press it out?  I will need to apply force to the inside race.  As I understand this is not good for a bearing.  But since it is new maybe ill be ok?  What do you guys think??


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