yz250f hillclimb technique vs ktm 2 stroke

Hi all, im new here so just wanted to say hello and thank you all for such an informative site, ive learnt alot both positive and negative..its all good, as they say knowledge is king..especially in a sport like ours where good tips can save little time wrenching or even getting hurt.

Which brings me to my question, I have just traded in a 09 KTM 300 exc 2t for a YZ250F 05, i thought it was a good move as im learning how to ride both trails and tracks, so i figure the yzf was a good bike for this, and was in much better condition.

One of our usual rides are semi grassy/ off cambered hill climbs, and i was wondering is the technique for climbing a little different between 2t and 4t, i understand about the different power delivery(linear), the suspension, and the fact that the yzf is a mx bike...but what of the actual technique? body position, throttle control ect. maybe theres no difference but having not spent any seat time on a 4T was just curious to know. appreciate any feedback as i plan to ride this weekend.


Going from a 300exc to a 250f you had better get used to pinning it ....

ok thanks zeus, didnt expect to be hard on throttle on a 4stroke.

On the gas and on the gas cap just like your doing. You've got the right style for hill climbing.

thanks steve, thats actually one of our riding buddies, just put the pic in to show our terrain. so riding style isnt far off from a 2stroke, all basics remain.

worried though of what was said earlier that u had to be full on the throttle, could swear that i thought you wouldnt have to pin it as hard on a thumper. 

Man, where do you live? SWEET Place,,, NZ?

Well conventional wisdom is that a 4t will have more low-end torque then a 2t, but a KTM 300 has a LOT of low end!

I have a WR250 which I love, but it has less low end than the XR400 it replaced. I don't think you'll need to "pin" it, but definitely won't want to lug it, either.

Have fun!

Just get out there and practice it on the bike.

The basics will remain with subtle differences from one bike to the next.


I would definitely set rear suspension sag to achieve a good front-to-rear balance with the bike before riding it (I'd actually have the fluids changed in the fork and shock, myself).

 live in Papua New Guinea, pretty much way off grid haha, I have set rear sag, and have raised the forks in the triples to lower front end as im not a tall fella.

plan on getting the clickers dailed in by tomorrow, maybe go slighty softer for hill climbs. appreciate the feedback so far..


I will practice more after suspension setup YZEtc.....

Myself, I don't change fork tube position unless I feel it's required to get the feel and balance that I want, not just to lower the bike because I'm short (I'm 5'5", myself).

im in same school of thought however i found the yzf pushing the front out on the tracks, just needed it to turn in a little better....and im 5'6" so 2 birds with one stone.

i may set it back to normal, depends on what terrain i guess, for hills im not sure if its better with less head rake or not, but being able to dab yr foot if need be is mentally assuring..

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