XL500R Stator / Ignition Help

1982 XL500R.  One day out of the blue lost spark.  Rebuilt motor too its getting together replaced coil with used still no spark. Replaced with new still no spark.  Pickup tests OK.  Stator however has 84 ohms from the single plug black/red to ground.  Book is a bit crappy on this test as it shows the wire in the plug, the red or pinkish has nothing to ground.  Any help? Think I need a stator now? Also don't know if a successful test to the CDI can be performed??

Not sure if you've done this but double check the ignition/kill switch while your at it. I've read in a lot of places that it can be very difficult to properly test the coil. Do you have any power+ going into the ignition coil? Those stators are different from what I have in my 79 XR but that number sounds low...  I'm sure someone will chime in with how to test the stator or can give you specs on a working one. Good luck. Oh and can't hurt to make sure your battery is charged and installed since I believe it acts as a circuit on the XL's. 

Nope not getting voltage to the coil wire. Had kill switch disconnected.

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