Will that do the job?

I see it says "Cali".  I don't know if they have "non-Cal" or not! check that out.

Whats the difference?

Should fit. 005 is the kit you need. Message the guy i live in uk and i orders the 005 kit works fine

It say'd jds005 on the box, think will buy it:-)

That seems a bit expensive.

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I will make an offer and will see what happend:-)

That is the right kit. Also the fuel screw is there but I dont see the allen head float bowl screws. The fuel screw is about 17 us dollars. The kit is $75 here plus $17 for f/s. Being your pound is stronger than the dollar I think you would do better to order a new kit and f/s from www.jdjetting.com directly. Well worth the wait and you'll be sure to get everything the kit comes with. A blue and red marked needles plus the 25 paj and a small asst of main jets. I think it comes with a 145,150,155 and 160 mains also the float bowl screws. If you order from JD also get the Kientech F/S because it works great with their kit.


The stock carb has a 22.5 paj and a 142.5 main. For starters you should use the blue needle on the 3rd clip position, 25 paj and depending on your exhaust you will need to choose the right main hence the assortment. With stock exhaust and 3x3 a/b mod use a lower number main such as the 145-150. About 2 turns out from bottom for the fuel screw. Calling it a fuel screw is not exactly right. It is actually an AIR/Fuel mix screw. Do not turn the fuel screw in to the bottom hard. Just til it stops gently. They are a little easy to damage or break the little point off. Also be very careful when removing the needle from the slide. The slide needle holders are easy to break off. If you do break them off you will have to buy a new OEM slide. No need to ask how I know this... ;)

That used one is going for more then $124 USD.

GBP 79.99
ApproximatelyUS $124.74





BRAND NEW they are only $72 USD



Add to that, whats missing, what was damaged through misuse, rough handling, wear.


Can't see that ebay used item as a bargain..

Thanks guy's, loads of usefull info here,but...my bike got stolen yesterday...:-(

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