Cr125 pwk jetting

Ok so I've got a 2001 cr125, rad valve, fmf fatty and turbinecore. Newish top end.

I swapped in a pwk 38.

I set the pilot to 45, found the sweet spot for the idle which was 1.75 out.

I started with a 175 main jet (found that number in another thread), bike was super rich and boggy, spoofing like crazy ( I have already changed crank seals and it isn't consuming transmission fluid)

I put in a 145, bike is running great, still getting some smoke up top, so I'm assuming I'm closer to correct.

145 seems a bit small, what do you guys think? I don't want to blow it up but the bikes is responding well to the smaller jet size

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sounds like you need to educate a bit more on the carb and how to tune:


what needle are you using?  what version of the PWK are you using?  also what slide are you using?

Needle is a 99-00 cr250 needle

Not sure about the version, it is screw top, no tps, it came in the parts bin with the bike.

Slide is 5.5

None of that should matter as far as the main jet is concerned, the slide is open, the jet is open.

That 145 main is way to lean, uless you are at elevation, and the needle is also  lean for a 125. 

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Thank you

I will run through the carb and see if something is plugged or was drilled out

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