Connecting Hoyt to Gooseberry?


Is there a way to connect the Hoyt Mine Trail to the Gooseberry Flat trail without being street legal?  I have never been down the Hoyt Mine trail, but it looks like a good way to access lots of other trails from Taneum Junction.  The map I have just shows Hoyt coming to an end at FS 3330.  Also, I have read on here that Hoyt is rated as Difficult.  What makes it rate as difficult?

When heading up the gooseberry trail, bear right at the trail intersection near the top, then follow that trail ( staying right as you go)  and it will bring you down to the cabin that is on the south fork.  There is a re route going on in the area too but keep heading downhill to the  cabin.  once at the bottom you can then pick up hoyt mine trail, all without riding any roads.  Hoyt is rated difficult because it has several steep , challenging switchbacks.




Last year I made my way through there as well as Joe described.  If I recall correctly (looking at my notes on my map) you can also cross over the Hoyt trail and end up at South Fork Meadow camp ground (trail 1367).  After you cross over the Hoyt trail it is more of a jeep type trail. 

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