XR's Only graphic peeling off Clarke tank

I have a clarke tank with XR's only graphic peeling off.  Not bubbling up, but actually trying to come off complete.  It started just lifting at the edges at first, then after these hot days of late one side tried to blow off while on the highway.  I was able to push it back into place and it stuck, for a day.


Is there a special glue to reattach the graphic?  Can a person use readilly available automotive trim adhesive?  


The other side is stuck tight for now but starting to peel at the edges a little.

Some will disagree, but my experience is that all aftermarket exhausts peel no matter what adhesive is used. The gas bleeds through the tank (even an original tank) and releases the graphic.

polyethelyne  can be hard to bond to  / fix ETC


I have my Acerbis  tank painted and it does OK  so far


as far as a  graphic sticker some folks run a permiation berrier inside the tanks


but ifit were mine I would just peel the siticker clean the tank  or residual adhesive and re apply using a spray adhesive like 3m sells .. probably the spray 90 


but IDK how long that would last ?  I have some pads adhered to mine now using some weldwood gel contact cement


if you find something that works post back

Well no one posted back with any better ideas than I had before I jumped the gun and just did it.  I found some Permatex carpet and headliner glue in the detail bay so I tried it.  I cleaned and wiped the tank with spray brake cleaner and removed as much adhesive as I could from the graphic and followed instructions.  Two coats of adhesive on the graphic and allow to dry 5 minuted between coats.  Stuck it on and it seems well stuck.  Time will tell. I used headliner adhesive since I figured it is higher temp than just normal trim adhesive.

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