kdx 200/220 or xr 200/250

I'm 6 foot, 210 pounds, 28 yrs old.  I've been riding since I was 7.  I've owned mostly 4 strokes, but I've had a couple 2 strokes too.  I had an 83 xr200 for a long time, 2 different mid 90's xr600's and a cr500.  I've had a couple other bikes, but those are the main ones.  Right now, I have an xr600.  It does what I need it to and it's awesome.  I mostly ride trails and dirt roads out here in Utah.  I also do the occasional hare scramble and want to do a couple enduro races if I can find some in Idaho, Colorado or wherever.  The xr600 is just too heavy in the hare scrambles and I know will be worse in a long enduro race since most of those are much tighter.  I'm thinking of getting a second bike that will be lighter and more agile for the races and any tighter single track I ride.  the xr600 I'll keep for the dual sport rides and such.  I'm thinking of getting a later model kdx 200/220 or an xr200/250.  I've only ever ridden an xr200.  the other 3 bikes, I have never ridden.  I'm really not worried about maintenance on 2 vs 4 stroke or anything like that.  I'm sure they are all good bikes.  I would probably go for a crf250x, but I just don't have the money.  I'm kind of on a 1500 or so budget.  All of those bikes can be gotten for that in my area.  I'm not a serious racer either, just looking for something that's lighter than the 600 so that I can last longer in the races and have something that's good in the tighter stuff.  if I were to get serious into racing, then I'd get a much newer bike at that point that has better suspension, power, lower weight, etc.


Questions for those that have ridden these bikes before:

1.  the xr200 is quite a bit lighter than the xr250 according to the specs I saw.  Since I've never ridden the 250, does the 250 feel that much heavier than the 200?

2.  how does the power off idle and in the lower rpm's of the kdx's compare with the xr's?

3.  how does the power off idle and in the lower rpm's compare between the kdx 200 and 220?

4.  the kdx 200 and 220 had the same approximate weight in the specs I saw.  does one feel lighter than the other?

5.  anybody have some opinions on the suspension on the 4 bikes and how they compare?

6.  anything I should look out for on the kdx?  I have never looked at one and don't know a lot about the changes made on them over the years.  Either way, I think I would look for a 2000 or newer.

7.  the kdx has a reasonably large fuel tank, but what kind of miles does one typically get in single track out of a tank?



I'd say XR250 over XR200. I have an XR200 and an XR400....the 200 is light, small and fun to ride whereas the 400 is heavier and it means business. I love my XR200! But the suspension and brakes are much less than on my XR400. The XR250 will do you right.....but if you can find an XR400.....get it!!!

Get an older KTM 200xc....done!  They can be had for under 2K, perfect bike for you...xr and KDX owners are too proud of their bikes (both have great motors, suspension is TERRIBLE!)......and no they aren't in the ballpark of expensive.

kdx200 for tight woods, you will never beat how easy a good running 2 stroke will start.

Finding a good KDX is the difficult part

Thanks for the replys!


I don't know anything about ktm.  they have a zillion different letter designators on them like exc and ex and sx and etc, etc.  and I never really figured out what each one was.  I've been wary of ktm anyway because I've heard parts are a bit more expensive and all my buddies have had them and hated them.  One even had a brand new one and it would NOT start for anything.  It took us an hour to get it started for a ride.  anyway, that said, I'm ears on the 200xc.  I do think it's cool to go into my local dealer and see that they have just about every size bike in a 2 or 4 stroke.  they have the 200, 250, 300, 350, and 450 and a whole bunch of other sizes.  they are the only brand that seems to actually have bikes in lots of sizes.  everything else seems to have just the typical sizes everyone else has.  Anyway, give me a little more education on the 200xc and ktm?


I did think about the xr400, but ruled it out because of the higher weight.  I have the xr600 for my big heavy bike.  Looking for something smaller.  also, xr400's seem to be a lot more expensive around here.  I'm having a hard time finding one for under 2500 or so unless it's pretty old.  I think I am leaning towards the 250 over the 200 though.  the 250 has the disc brakes and is built to be more of a bike you can race than the 200 IMO.  I did love the 200 I had though.  I was young then and weighed less.  I'm a little worried the 200 won't have the power to haul my fat butt around.  That's one reason I was thinking the kdx.  way light, and probably has a bit more power up top if I need it because it's a 2 smoker.


kdx's are hard to find.  Not sure why.  Several nice ones have come up recently on the classifieds, but they are all 6 hours south of me and I'm not going that far just to test one out.  I plan on riding all these bikes before I decide what to get.  The xr's are a bit easier to come by. 

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They are hard to find because they are good bikes and a popular choice .

There have been some KDXs on CL here, but they all need a "tune up" or the dreaded CL death knell...."carb needs cleaning".

I rode my XR 400 today after riding nothing but my XR 200 for the past couple of months. Yes, it's definitely heavier, but it is still quite able to handle the technical stuff. I'm 6'0, 185lbs....not small by Moto standards....but I absolutely love riding my 400! A crap load of torque and nice susp and brakes. I say try looking at one just for the hell of it.

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