Need to use choke to start bike that's warmed up

I just purchased a 2012 ktm 250 xc and the bike will not start without using the choke even when the bike is hot,I have never had this problem,usually on any bike I ever had I might pull the choke initially just to get it started but after that I wouldn't touch it.when the bike is hot it won't start without pulling the choke,and when I pull the choke the bike idles fine at a nice low rpm,but when I push the choke in the bike doesn't idle at all and I have to use the throttle to keep the rpm's up.when the bike is in gear it seems fine but something is obviously wrong, I don't have any ideas and am getting frustrated,when the bike is hot and you pull the choke it usually should kill the engine if anything right?if anybody can help me out I would really appreciate it,thanks.

Clogged pilot jet?

+1   pilot jet or someones  been jackin with idle speed and mix screws

It could be either I guess,I asked the kid I bought the bike off everything he touched because of the problem and he did say that he was messing around with the idle,but it was because of that problem that he was screwing around with it.i know he was mixing the oil to rich and he also told me that the dealer told him to run 87 octane which the ktm specs I saw said to run 95,I'm guessing that would clog a pilot jet up.i'm going to give that a shot tomarrow and see what happens and I hope that's what it is.thanks JTucker and Highmarker,I appreciate the advise.

Sounds like it is too lean.


Look at the KTM jetting chart in the back of the owner's manual. The only way to verify your current jetting is to take a look.


I suspect much of your problem would be solved by turning your air screw to the right. It is on the left side of your carb, just above where the fuel line enters the bowl. The KTM jetting chart will tell you the correct air screw position for your altitude/temp or you can adjust it using the sound of your idle RPM.

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I finally got everything back together after cleaning the carb and sure enough,the pilot jet was clogged up and that is what was causing the problems.thanks for the is running like a champ and I'm going to take it out tomarrow and put it to the test.thanks again.

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