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has anyone done an open air box for the xl500r? i want to do it but, it seems that the shock is in the way of the carburetor to fit a pod filter. what sort of mods do i need to do to get by this situation? thanks for taking a look and i appreciate any advice given




Nope..I don't like pod filters,,The normal filters fine..Had a bad experience with a pod,,I've never really never recovered from it..hence my dislike of the things,,My old XL500r had an airbox that had been modded and the thing was a pain in the #$%^..Had a pod filter jammed in the airbox by some butcher..Total pain every time I needed to disconnect it if I was wanting to remove the carb..Actually the disconnection bit was easy it was the getting it all back together that was the job from hell...guess if you want one just get some pieces of the appropriate shaped radiator pipe/other old m/c airbox pipes and join that lot together sticking the pod in where the box used to be or shock horror as was in my case inside the butchered airbox,,.Personally..leave the original where it is and use that..

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The standard air box :thumbsup:

Pod filters are fine if you use a good one and attach it properly.  They come in offset configurations or you can get adapters to make them offset.  The stock airbox does boost low end torque.  

1 pod filter + 1 500cc torque throwing knobby spewing hi velocity filth directly toward carb = bad bad things

air box also supports the carb from bouncing around, not an issue on the street but will be offroad, Even seen issue with fuel frothing on big twostroke twins

Given that the bike in question is a 31 year old xL500, I dont' think 'severe use' off road is likely in it's future???
I was considering it as a street bike and there pod filters are really a non factor.

I had an 82 xl500, and even though it saw mostly street use, any trail I saw off to the side of the road was explored start to finish. Sometimes swampy jeep trails, mudbogs etc. definately not pod filter material. For a race bike, or a bike youre trying to squeeze every hp out of, ok. But in the off road world where technique is what gets you over obstacles, absolutely unnecessary.

\ 31yo rubber manifold splitting or cracking from carb bouncing around......

for putt-putt-putt pod is fine, in dry conditions. wet or muddy it is going to fail unless it is protected well. Stock configuation is best.

thanks for all the info guys,


i actually have 2 of these bikes and one has the stock airbox. i was going to use this one for street only and i like the look of the open airbox on these. but does not sound like the best fit for this bike. thanks again.

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