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2013 200 xc-w lighting issue.

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Wired up a new TrailTech switch and halogen X2 light. works good on low beam but when switched to high beam (two 35 watt bulbs) the light will dim when you turn the throttle increasing the rpm's? ac power.

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I just did the BD squadron led and they said that for that and hid to go all DC.

That was unsoldering and jumpering some of the wires and using the BD voltage regulator.

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Trail tech told me a 2013 300xcw makes 54 watts. I don't know what the 200 makes but unless it is much more then you need to upgrade your stator.


Anyone know which is brighter: the BD Squadron, the Trail Tech X2 HID, or the Trail Tech 8" HID? Are they comparable or is it a big difference?

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The best way to compare lighting these days is in lumens not watts. Watts is power consumption and also output but lumens is actual light strength.

The BD squadron led is 4300 lumens and brighter than their own hid setup. The led draws less wattage than the halogen or hid.

My only gripe is the mounting and adjustability. I finally got it aimed where I want it. Ideally I wish it was adjustable on the fly.

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Here's two of my posts with oem candle and bd squadron.

The second post is after I adjusted the light better, and since then I aimed it down a bit more by adding a slightly longer ferrule than the one supplied. I was able to use their hardware

I've already had a few rides where I was coming back in the dark and this is amazing! There are still holes if you really want to or purposely ride at night that I guess only a helmet light would make it perfect. I am very happy to have this and know at least I can lug it back in the dark if I have to.

Its not DOT though. They have a dimmer pack I decided to not get.

Ok, I went to dwf after work and had a fun ride and got to check out the light a bit. It's definitely amazingly bright it's just aimed too high, and that's with it aimed as far down as it'll go so it's mod time. I'm also thinking of either raising the whole mask and or removing the bag since it's definitely blocking some light....again it's still a 1000x better than the oem POS. I think when I get it aimed right it'll be amazing; definitely recommend it. I might try using longer spacers at the lights top screws

I think it would be great with these improvements:

-make it hi/lo by breaking out the led pairs (2/4)

-better designed mounting tabs/adjuster

-it would be really useful if each of the 4leds could be aimed

If I ride this Friday I think I'll get a better test run.

Here's a few pix, unfortunately I didn't park on the same side.

First oem low beam


second oem high beam


third BD squadron roughly same spot as oem pix


last light aimed next to truck so you can see how high it's aimed.


I got it aimed better, still high IMO but damn this light kicks some darkness!!

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1376110367.272683.jpg

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1376110392.713379.jpg

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1376110424.502648.jpg

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1376110446.566770.jpg

The square shadow is from my fender bag. Might take it off to see the difference.

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