I ate the dirt!

I lost the balance and tasted the dirt :D This was actually my second crash of today. My rear end washed out resulting in a faceplant just 10 mins before this. I felt like it was enough riding for today but decided to ride one or two laps more (never do that). Well, at least I got a good excuse to replace my V3 with a V4... Remember to wear your neck braces!


Skip to 0:50 if you want to go straight to the crash. 

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lol yeah I did one of those last weekend over a lip of a dusty jump, no neck brace though just bailed from the bike. Your front washed out pretty wicked, it always happens when we ride tired at the end of the day.

You never want to say "just one more lap",  because that will always happen. :rolleyes:

That wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. More like ate the sand! That area looks like a blast to ride. Hope you're okay to ride!

Yeah we both just giggled at the whole thing but I cut that part off because it sounded so stupid  :D I faceplanted before this and that one scared me more since I've never landed head first before.


This track is damn fun to ride but it has a dark past. They opened it in june and a 30 year old guy lost his life there just one day after the opening. One month ago a 16 year old kid crashed bad and was taken to a hospital unconscious where he later died of his head injuries... 

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Haha it's good that you are ok, and that you could get back up and ride, "just one more lap" will never end well haha.

Yeah when I catch myself saying one more ride or one more lap I hang it up cause that last time is when the dirt hits back  .


Been there done that LOL. At lease it was at a slow speed, count your duckies

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