DRZ E Fuel in Oil

Hey guys,

Had a good look through the forums with the search function but still no solution. I've got a 2007 DRZ E with 3500km's on it. The previous owner rarely rode it so it did sit a long time before starts.

I first started to notice problems when it was struggling to start some mornings - checked the oil and found it contaminated with petrol. I took the carb off and cleaned it all out, reset the float hight (9mm FCR?) and checked the float valve for any wear - looked brand new. Also checked the petcock and no leaks in the off position. Since the petcock is not vacuum simply a on/off - could this fuel contamination be cause simply by leaving the petcock on the 'on' position- leaking through the carb and into the cylinder? Sounds like a stupid question but sometimes the most obvious causes are overlooked. Cheers in advance guys

Looks like you have forgot to close the petcock.

At the same time, the float valve is leaking and letting fuel pass through to the cylinder and down to the sump.

So the best idea now is to reset the float valve height 'lower' so there is no overflow into the engine.. Am I right?

I didn't think the FCR could/would leak fuel into the engine as there is a high level overflow.

Check your over flow pipes to make sure they are not bunged up with mud.

Yeah , the float height @ 9mm is correct

So the best idea now is to reset the float valve height 'lower' so there is no overflow into the engine.. Am I right?



no. the float height is likely right, and the petcock likely working fine. the problem is the float -needle- tip is worn or damaged, or there is trash blocking it from closing properly. resetting float height with a damaged needle tip is like lipstick on a pig.

Yes fuel is leaking into your engine through the carb past the float bowl needle valve. They may look fine but are not. If the tip has a groove on it it needs replaced. Debris can add to the problem. 9mm is the correct height. Stick with that. Fully drain and replace your oil from engine and oil tank. Flush with fresh oil and drain and refill again to make sure all fuel is gone. I had to put little stickers on my mirrors to remind me to turn off the fuel. :)


Source ebay for a stock carb rebuild kit. Almost cheaper than buying just the little needle and seat. I bought mine from ProCycle but is was expensive for the two little parts. Like 52 dollars shipped.

I should ask if the carb is the Mukuni or the FCR??? Makes a big difference in the above suggestions...

Replace item #36 the o-ring that seals the needle seat to the body.


As well as checking closely the needle itself as suggested above


It's a keihin fcr 39. I'm thinking all just buy a whole rebuild kit for it just to cover all bases. Cheers for the help guys

That's what I would do .

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