XT 225 problem

Hi I'm new to this forum and not a 100% sure this is where I would even post this topic.  I have a 2003 XT 225.  I just got done putting a bunch of money into it, new battery, oil and filter change, air filter, new tires.  First trip out no problems at all, but mostly was off road and not pushing to its limits.  I just put insurance on the bike and tabs and had it on the road for 1 day, yesterday.  On my way home after work, was almost home, I decided to see how fast it would go and was maxed out for a second then the bike stalled.  This happened before in the past once or twice a year ago or so, but it always started back up right away or after I came to a stop.  This time it wont start back up?  When I push the ignition button nothing happens, doesn't even try to start so I assuming its something electrical or in the charging system.  I have been trying to fix things myself with this bike but I'm not very mechanically inclined what so ever.  Any help at all would be much appreciated.  Where should I start?  I did replace the spark pug cap recently because the old one was burned through and falling apart, so I started there thinking something came loose or got too hot but that doesn't seem to be the problem.  I even pulled the spark plug out and looked at it but then thought I'm not even getting anything or noise when I hit the start button.  Thanks again in advance and I apologize if this ? is posted in the wrong area of this forum. 

Could be the kickstand safety switch, but that would show up more off road if bouncing around. Do you have a wiring diagram? There is a starter relay, but if it was bad, it wouldn't cause the stalling. When it stalls, did it sputter first or act like you shut the ignition off?

Could be the kickstand safety switch,

Definitely check that.

You likely have multiple problems, if you plan on working on it yourself you need a manual.

Don't ever assume that a battery is good just because it's new.

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