What is the actual turning travel of a stock xr400 throttel?

Help just got a 2003 xr400, the guy had it set for road work FS 14t rear 37t Wow fast on the roads but the throttle response/travel  is way to fast, 0 to full in about 1/8th turn or from 12 O'clock to 2. This is like a mx setup, no name or markings on it. Please can someone let me know what the stock option is and is there a slow version i.e half a turn. I am setting things back to a more usable gearing but need to sort the killer throttle. Also the thing seems to almost have a turbo, it surges forward after about 2000rpm is this normal? any help appreciated.

Stock is 1/4 turn, so twice the rotation of your current throttle. i think the stock throttle is still available, or go with a Motion Pro option.

Thanks, It would make a bit of a difference so worth doing. Is there a long travel version? I've looked at the motion pro site but can't work out the options. Alternatively has anyone done a mod, Probably down the single cable pathway! Having had bikes for 30 years I have never been let down with this system but would like to stay stock as much as possible.



You don't say if it has stock carb? If so use stock Honda set up, You can use only the pull cable. Remove return cable

Hi, yes it is the stock carb. I think I have just got used to old Bultacos and a full half rotation throttel. It just makes trail work more plesent in my oppinion  (1/4 for MX). Wil give the singel cabel a go

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Have you ever used a single cable setup on a big bore 4 stroke before?


I know all these guys are saying go for it, but there's the other side that says it's not a good idea. There's good reasons for having a return cable. One of them being, the vacuum created in the intake tract is enough to exert lateral pressure on the carb slide, causing its closing to be stickey, less than free, as throttle drum spring pressure is all that's acting on it to close it.


And 1/4 turn throttle is plenty for trail work on the XR.

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