Fitting Actuator Shaft Lever on Main Exhaust Valve Shaft Gear - KDX220

I am trying to fit the actuator shaft lever into place on the main exhaust valve shaft gear.


Both Cyclepedia online manual and the thread below refers to the need for lining up the white paint mark on the main shaft with the dot on the main exhaust valve shaft gear.


For whatever reason(s), the white paint mark on the main shaft does not exist.


How do I now ensure I have 100% alignment without these matching marks?


I also read that it important for the main shaft to be in it's low rpm/closed position (for this re-assembly), which is CCW when looking at it.


how do I ensure this main shaft is located in it's low rpm/closed position (for this re-assembly)?


And, I read that you need to line up the pin on the shaft with the hole on the gear thing - what/where is this pin?



Hope you can help.



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There is NO paintmark. There should be a little machined line about 1/2" down the rod.

Turn your gear pretty close to all the way counter clockwise (if i remember right, it won't go enough further CCW to catch the next tooth) should put you in the right clocking to line up the actuator gear right. As for the pin, it's right there on the shaft where the gear bolts on.

all done - thank you.


now - I cannot screw that screw in (1 of 3) that holds the exhaust valve cover on (14090B).


seems to be a little flogged out damage to the start of the thread in the housing which is not allowing the screw to lock on initially.


I have a complete set of tap/die kit but not complete enough as I cannot seen to fit any of my dies to match the screw (130BD0520)


Can someone advise what thread this screw is so that I can commence tapping out another hole for this cover.


Any other thoughts on how I can screw this screw in would be appreciated.





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Your tap & die set should have a set of thread gauges with it, can you match the screw up to any of them? If not, do you have a building supply store around you that sells hardware? If so, they should have a nut and bolt section with a more complete set of thread sizing tools.

thanks billy.


i live out in the bush - not much around.


i will try and visit a workshop tomorrow.  they may have something.


once i do locate the right size, do i tap right through the full length of the hole?



If I remember correctly, the valve cover screws are 6mm x 1.0 but I would check to be sure. Run the tap till it bottoms and back it out.


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