broken spoke! wheel lacing in norcal? cost?


To my surprise this morning, I discovered a broken spoke on my bike. There are no threads showing.  


I live up near Roseville and am looking to service a rear rim on my 08 BETA 450RR.


Can anybody point me to a wheel service shop?  What can expect to pay if I drop off the wheel with the tire off?  I would not be opposed to mailing the thing somewhere.




If your able to take the wheel off the bike and remove the tire?  Replacing a spoke takes about 30 seconds.  Do it yourself. 


In the event that the spoke nipple is still in place and the threads are in good shape?  You could replace the spoke on the bike.  No need to remove the wheel and tire.  However, if the spoke broke off in the nipple and you can't get the broken spoke out, or the nipple dropped into the tire.  Then you will need to remove the tire. 


The hard part is finding a single spoke.  Most shops will sell you a spoke kit.


Check with Dick's Racing, he may have a spoke kit and maybe you'll get lucky and he will have a single spoke?  Next door, MPC, should have the kit. 


Or pay Dick's Racing to put the spoke in for you. 

cool.  Thanks Dave.

ya just do it yourself.   even if you do decide to replace all the spokes for some reason, thats pretty simple to do yourself also. You can learn everything you need to know to do it yourself on here and

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