Newbie in need of advise!

On monday im picking up  a new to me 2005 or 2006 yz250. Bought new and used in a farm(its from a relative)... I ride street (82' cb750, 84 virago 1100, 03 954 rr). Its been a long long long time since i've been on a dirt bike, im 5'7 170 pounds. He still has the piston that came with the yamaha kit, and only been used sporadically..


I need advise on:


1.Special tools i might need,

2.Brand of oil and weight.

3.Brand of coolant 


What too look for before taking to the track, etc etc,


I can swap a cam chain in a cbr with my eyes close, but when it comes to smokers you might as well give me a sledgehammer to do a brain surgery 


any help is appreciated..

Check the "Yamaha 2 stroke FAQ" thread.  Somewhere buried in there is a link to Yamaha of Australia for a FREE download of the factory service manual in PDF form.  That will answer most of your questions and save you some money.  I know some guys like to have the paper version of the manual but they sure don't go cheap on ebay...

Way ahead already read it top to bottom.... thanks, but theres always tricks and tips that are not cover in the manual, like the gearbox overflow bolt, read that its not a safe way to measure the amount you put in cause it will overflow way beafore the 750ml it needs..

Two strokes are super easy to work on and you'll learn quickly, I rarely need any special tools beyond the basic stuff unless I'm working on suspension or need to pull a flywheel. I like to run motul 800t mixing oil at 50:1 and motul 10w40 transoil in my 02.


As far as the measurement for transmission oil, I always just use the markings on the oil bottle to get the proper 750 ml.


Like motoxvet said, check the FAQ, lot's of helpful stuff in there.


If it were me I would put a new top end in the bike once you get it and check out the cylinder, reeds, crank, powervalve etc. while your at it. Also check for play in all of your bearings and grease them up really well


Otherwise, sort out your jetting if inecessary and enjoy, these are awesome bikes!

thanks,... is the yamalube really neccesary ive always used repsol on everthing that moves

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