Dislocated shoulder: Is surgery worth it?

Hey guys, this may be the wrong forum but it is high traffic and I am hoping for a good sample of responses.

Anyways, I dislocated my right shoulder for the first time in may 2011 when I highsided off of my kx250 and landed directly on the back of my shoulder that resulted in an anterior displacement that wasn't reduced for 3.5 hours as I was riding far away. Recovery was 6 Weeks, no nerve damage and full mobility. Went a whole year without dislocating it again, and then bam, did it 3 times from June to September in 2012. Just did it again last night for the fifth time. The 4 subsequent times were all doing non moto things, like swimming, playing volleyball, working out (pull ups) and then I simply stumbled at work fell wrong. Since the second dislocation i have been able to reduce my shoulder by rotating my arm and it pops back into place.

A dislocated shoulder does not feel good. It is really impairing my lifestyle and I want to get it fixed, however I have heard a wide range of opinions on the surgical repairs (bankart repair) and the final outcome. At 22 years old I'm hesitant to do an optional surgery that will take me out of basically everything for 4-8 months, and while in the long run I theoretically should be better off afterwards, although I have heard/read some horror stories. If anyone has any experience with repeat dislocations and/or surgery and the results, I would greatly appreciate some insight.

Thank you for the replies!

The Latajet procedure is far stronger than the  arthroscopic Bankart procedure,  and carries a 4% rather than an 18% failure rate, and allows extreme athletes to return to sports in three months.

I will have to look into that. Thank you for the reply! Would you recommend the surgery Dr Mark?



just the though hurts


Good luck

A 22 year old extreme athlete will continue dislocating his/her shoulder.  In extreme sports, an unstable shoulder can lead to a deadly accident.  Need I say more?

I had the arthroscopic surgery done after 4 dislocations.  It hasn't dislocated since, but I have been very careful with it.  It doesn't really feel any better than it did prior to the surgery.  


About a month ago I subluxed my other shoulder.  I'll have to look into this latajet procedure, although I don't have health insurance and probably won't for a couple years.  I still ride my dirt bikes, but it's always a gamble.

How brutal was the recovery?

The recovery is pretty easy and will allow ordinary activities in a week.  But it really all depends on who is holding the knife.  I can only speak of my own patient's experience.

The military did mine, so you know it was probably a terrible job. 

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