Replacing stator, ? about insides ...

I pulled the cover on my XRR to install a more powerful stator, and found that everything inside was covered with a film of rust.  Is this something to be expected for off-road bikes?  This is the 1st one I've owned ...





There should be a film of oil in there covering everything, and that should prevent rusting. I think it shows that oil is not getting in as it should.

The 650R has a dry stator. If there was oil in there, it means the crankshaft seal needs to be replaced.


Rust means that moisture got in there. The chamber should be completely sealed, so maybe the cover's o-ring is leaking. There is/was an aftermarket remote vent kit available IIRC.

Sorry, I was thinking XR600.

Ok thanx.  I think the grommet where the wires comes thru the cover may have been old and shrank a bit.  Or, there was a section of the cover gasket I swear was not completely on the cover, kind of off to the inside.  I've cleaned it up as best I can, particularly the flywheel, and will be careful buttoning her back up :) ...



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