Lake Elsinore - DirecTV warning - Record series = 1 show


I checked the record to do list. Only the first race was listed.

The numbskulls at DirecTV have the same name for all three showings, so it's recorded once.

Cancell " Record Series". For NBC and FUEL.

Select "Record Show" for the 3 showings.

Now all three show up as "motorcycle racing".

Sounds to complicated, I'll just catch it online :ride: .  over where I'm at, 450 comes on at 3 and I think I saw the 250s wouldn't be on til 10pm (tv).  DVR is set, but I ususally end up watching all for online.

Is the live stream even working?  I don't see anything

Some real nimrods are running the TV listings.

Delay the 250 Moto 1 until the evening.

Show the 250 Moto 2 in the afternoon with Moto 1 highlights.

I got 450 moto1 and that was it.  DVR recorded some bicycle racing instead.

I missed most of it cause I could not figure out the schedule on the last race.  Never saw moto 1 of the 250's but they showed highlights and the live stream didn't work.

Did Anyone else only get one moto recorded?

Did Anyone else only get one moto recorded?

With DirecTV, I got all 3 recorded.  (See above)


I noticed they called all 3 broad casts, "Motorcycle Racing.   AMA motocross from Lake Elsinore".

Same title for "Moto 1 450", "Moto 2 450 / 250" and "Moto 1 250".

Most likely your DVR recorded the three showings as a single event and recorded over the first two.


They are very very lame.

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