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Imported 1985 Yamaha XT600Z Tenere

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Hello TT,

I just brought a 1985 XT600Z Tenere off eBay in England, and have imprted it into Los Angeles California. It has cleared customs and I take delevery on Monday. I have an appointment at the DMV on Tuesday to get it regesited. I thought I'd start a thread here to catalog my progress with the bike and get as much help as I can (I'm going to need it!).


Firstly, here are some photos on of the bike. You can see more here.
















And here is the discription by the seller on Ebay:



 This is my Yamaha XT600Z Tenere. It’s a 1985 55W model with matching engine and frame numbers.

If you are looking at this and know your XT's you will have spotted this is the rarest of all the 600's, especially in the ultra rare blue!

According to Yamaha UK the bike was built for the Italian market in January 1985 (hence the very rare blue and is shown on the V5 as blue) and imported into the UK in 2001.

It was restored in 2010 with 2 pack professional paintwork (by the guy who does all of the Aircooled RD club paintwork). I also sourced new Genuine Yamaha plastics.


The frame has been powder coated, wheels rebuilt with Excel rims & stainless spokes. New Avon Distanza tyres (front has approx. 60 miles use).


New genuine Yamaha switchgear were also fitted along with new Renthal handlebars.


New chain & sprockets, steering head bearings, wheel bearings, swingarm linkage bearings. The brake master cylinder was rebuilt with genuine Yamaha rebuild kit. Brake calipers were re-built using stainless steel pistons. New seat cover fitted.


The KPH speedo showing 49,193km (30,567 miles) has been swapped with a good 2nd hand MPH one on which I have done 125 miles. Therefore total mileage is 30,692.


The carb has been fully stripped, ultrasonically cleaned and rebuilt.


The engine was not rebuilt as it has excellent compression, sounds and runs well. However the engine and casings have been repainted with PJ1. Stainless steel fasteners have been used throughout.


The above has cost in excess of £2,000 and a folder of receipts, old MOT’s and tax discs going back to 2001 will go with the bike.


Spares that comes with the bike are new rear brake shoes, new fork seals, KPH speedo, the remains of a carb overhaul kit. Spare swinging arm. I might also have a spare wheel.


Starts 1st or 2nd kick from cold.


Full MOT expires 9th July 2014.


6 months tax runs to 31st Dec 2013.


To get it mint there’s a few minor jobs that you might want to do.


The kickstart is painted, but should be anodised. I managed to get brake fluid on the master cylinder reservoir so could do with touching up. The rear rack has been blast cleaned & repainted but there is some pitting showing under the paint. I'm not happy with the paint on the casing. This is easy to repaint.


Note that in the photo’s the bike has stainless steel downpipes fitted. These are not included in the sale and will be replaced before collection with the original black painted steel ones.


Genuine reason for sale. I have problems with my knees and want to get a bike with electric start so will buying an modern XT660 Tenere.


I have the V5 and I am the registered owner.


The complete list of spares I got with the bike are:


Remains of carb kit.
KPH Speedo & Rev Counter - Used
Fork Seals - new
Fork Dust Shield - new
1/2 used brake pads - Used
Brake shoes - New
Footrests - New
Yamaha Assembly Manual 55W
Yamaha Service Manual 55W
Supplementary Service Manual 34L
Parts Catalogue - Photocopy
Downpipes - Steel
Silencer S/S Laser ProDuro
Swinging Arm x 2 - Used
Front Wheel - Used
Rear Wheel - Used
Front Mudguard x 3 - Used
Rear Mudguard x 2 - Used
Rear Mudguard x 1 - NOS
Hand Guards (Yamaha) - Used
Headlamp Cowl - Used
Sipepanels x 2 - Used
Front Sprocket - New
Rear Sprocket - New
Tool Box Lid - NOS
Reflector - NOS
Inspection Cover - NOS
Screws - NOS
Front Mudguard Brace - New



All up I paid 2050GBP for the bike and spares (about $3200USD). I improted it using James Cargo, which cost about $2200USD. I'll pay another $630 to Schumacher Cargo on Monday for sorting out the paperwork on this end.


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I have a two week road trip planned for earlier September. I was thinking of getting a bunch of spares for things that might break on the trip. Any tips on what an XT600 will tend to break? I was thinking spare clutch and break levers, spare throttle and clutch cables, spare kickstart and front/rear inner tubes.


What do you guys recommend and where is the best place in the USA to get parts online? I was looking at http://www.yamahapartshouse.com and http://www.powerpartsplus.com.

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sorry cant help you much with any advice but would like to congratulate you with a brilliant purchase.Even adding the freight to the original price I believe you got a good buy for the condition its in.Ive just recently brought an offroad one in average cond for 2.2k nzd...1985 34l Tenere with black tank/plastics and grey frame,what a slow and heavy pig!...the turning circle is awefull too,a big step down after riding an XR600 which I'll definatly be keeping,pretty sure its lighter and faster too!.....gotta love the oil in frame idea with filter screens vs the XT's clumsy oil tank and cooler mounted in harms ways should you drop it-and their desert bikes!

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Yeah I still have it, only brought it a few months ago now. I took it on a 1700 trip from Portland to LA and had some issues (lost a muffler on the freeway, and had some bolts rattle loose).

This is my list of things now in need of fixing:

  1. Exhaust clamp and screws
  2. Rear seat bolts
  3. Rear mudguard and bolts/washers
  4. Engine mount bolts/washers
  5. Rear fender
  6. Brake and clutch levers
  7. Brake foot lever
  8. Right foot peg and bracket
  9. Brake cable, lower switch gear and rubber boot
  10. Muffler and bolts
  11. New carb/battery drainage tubes


2013-09-11 22.37.39 by drewraymondbaker, on Flickr


You can see some photos form the trip here:

Edited by drewbaker

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Hey man, nice pics of your trip! My brother and cousin have been cross country adventuring on our XT, XL AND KLR's since the mid 80's when we first got our DL's.

I have had my 85 XT since 1987. I converted it to a tenere +++ in 2003. I'm just giving it some new parts again to keep her looking nice!

How is your parts hunting going?ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1380338452.801625.jpg

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Thats very interesting, i had heard it was a PITA to get an import registred in the US, how did you go about it? any issues?


Im restoring a 34L myself & it will be blue also, this thread was mentioned on our "Tenere Forum" and im sure some of our American members will be keen on knowing how hard it was to import.


I wouldnt worry about nuts coming undone its common after a rebuild, i think yu would have the only 55 in North America?





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Drewbaker: PM me info on the shipping company and what all you did to ship one of them, something I've been thinking about myself.

Great looking bike, there are no real issues with them other than making sure the oil pump is upgraded to the 3AJ one, it will be in raised letters on the pump right behind the drive gear.

Mezo, is there any forum your not a member of? heee, hee, No bouncing B**bies

Edited by jjktmrider

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I was a memeber of TT before i started the Tenere Forum (DR650 Days) but yep agree on the oilpump upgrade (gives 50% more oil flow) this is the one im going to use.




They used them first on the 3AJ (hence makings) then the 3TB, then 4PT & i think the early 660`s



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I shipped it using James Cargo out of the UK, and used Schumacher Logistics ont he US side.

I don't think I'm going to be able to get it registered in Califnoria due to emissions control (dispite what Schumacher told me). I had a 30 day temp rego on it for the big trip, which has now expired. I'm still working on repairs fromt he trip, so once I get it back on the road I'll try again with the DMV. I probably won't get around to it until early next year to be honest. Worst case I'll send it back to Australia or sell it interstate perhaps (only if the money was right, I love the bike and don't want to get rid of it).


I have it in the front of my office in downtown LA if anyone want's to check it out.


Me crashing it in Big Sur. My buddy Rhys rescuing me!


Getting dirty:



My twin brother Rick and me:



I still have 3 rolls of film to develop, so lots more to come!

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