Wondering what the KTM guys think of this bike

Found this on Craigslist and the price is right just wondering what to make of the part this bike is really hard to start? Carb cleaning or something major top end rebuild? Do these have coated cylinders? Looks like it needs some work and I'm ok with that but don't want to get stuck with a money pit either.


For Sale: 1997 KTM 360 EXC. This bike does run, but is very hard to start. It needs some TLC, but is really fun to ride. The plastics were painted white.

Just be aware ... whatever the current owner tells you it has for "hours of use" .. DOUBLE THAT number.


A LOT of Dirt bikers selling bikes are deceiving bastards who won't hesitate to lie in order to make some $$$$$  :thumbsup:

Why? That bike was never a good bike. KTM's really didn't get good until very recently. If you wanna buy a cheap bike, buy a Japanese bike. ;)

Good to know , guess I'll stick with my Kawi.

No parts...

Run Forrest run!!  The 360 was basically a turd.. Besides a bike that old will have a ton of issues..  I'd steer clear, it's a money pit

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Ill second that opinion, stay way away from the 360's extremely hard to jet, and just overall a bad bike.

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