Should I use fuel additives?

Hi just wondering if it would be aporerate to run fuel additives in my 250 xcf (four stroke) ktm. If do what kind? If not, why not?

Thanks in advance

What are you trying to get, more octane? Do you have a high compression piston? If your fuel is going bad from sitting around then I would suggest draining it and running it in a car.

Depends on the additive. Some are snake oil and some work. Stabil works and I prooved it just yesterday. Got a bike that's been sitting untouched for 13 Months. It started on the third kick. Sea Foam works. I have a 2008 DR650 with 35K miles. I've never removed / cleaned the carb.

Octane boosters are snake oil. They claim 1 to 3 points raise. That's not 1 to 3, it's 0.1 to 0.3. Not worth the bottle it's in.

What are you trying to get?

My question exactly.  Running better (non-ethanol) fuel from the start is better than any additive you can throw in there.

And higher octane does not mean higher performance. 

Yep, I think if you want better performance from fuel, there is no magic trick out there.... Your going to have to pay for better fuel. In NV we are lucky as some gas stations sell a 100 octane, no lead and no ethanol fuel. I was skeptical at first and tested it buy running it in an older bike I have and then letting a can of it sit for 3 months.... After 3 months, it was the same color, same smell and performed just was well in the 98 CR250 I was putting it in. So then I went ahead and ran it in my 2011 CRF 450R. It worked, better throttle response and ran clean.

The only draw back is money... But more performance seems to directly relate to cost!

Putting higher-octane fuel in your bike isn't magically going to make it more powerful.

The best octane to run is the lowest octane that doesn't det.  "Octane rating" is simply a measurement of how resistant the fuel is to preignition.  You're actually losing power by running fuel that's higher octane than what the motor's designed for.  Putting 110-octane race fuel in a bike that's designed to run and runs fine on 91 is going to hurt your performance (and your wallet) quite a bit.


Ethanol makes a big difference though.  Put 91 non-ethanol in your tank, that will help with a lot of things.

Snow, I agree about the octane ratings its all about compression and not detonating by the octane level. Even though the fuel I am running is 100 octane, its a better fuel. I know the performance gain I feel is not from the octane level being higher, it's just better fuel. With no ethanol in it I also don't have to worry about it going bad if the bike sits for a little while. And it's cheeper than VP.

I think the moral of the story is, additives and octane alone won't work, just get better fuel.

If your looking for octaine boost, don't waste your money (if your engine is stock) . Run pump 93 and you will be fine. However, if you run E10 fuel and you think your fuel will be sitting for more than a month you should absolutely treat your fuel with stabilizer. My hands down fuel stabilizer preferance is Startron .

I use pump 93 I just font want my fuel rotting I ride on average about four times a week

You'll be fine.  Fuel has to sit for a few months before it "goes bad". 


Even then it'll still make fire. :excuseme:


if it's that bad just throw it in the truck and top off with fresh stuff.

You'll be fine. Fuel has to sit for a few months before it "goes bad".

Even then it'll still make fire. :excuseme:

if it's that bad just throw it in the truck and top off with fresh stuff.

My trucks a diesel lol not to be a smart ass or anythin

This is what I do. 

    First off I only run 93 pure gas in all my bikes. I know what that ethanol can do to the inside of a carbuerator, and what it does to two stroke oil. I like to run a small amount of Marvel Mystery Oil and Seafoam to keep things clean and about 1 oz of Stabii. I use to run a lead additive because in my two strokes but I couldn't really tell a difference. 

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