Hey guys I got a nice Honda crf250r and the thing doesn't run without dying for more than like two minutes fires over after once or twice but at like full throttle in like 4th gear it dies out bogs then crackles n dies .kind of scary ...any advice?

First try to adjust the air/fuel mixture screw and see if that helps at all. My best guess is the carb is dirty and in need of a good cleaning and probably a new set of jets. Also, I would check the throttle plate that is located on the slide itself. There's a seal on that plate that tends to break or distort causing an extreme lean condition which can cause your issue. It can also be a number of other things that will cause these symptoms but I'd start at the carb first. That throttle plate could also be installed upside down which will cause the same thing. When you take it apart, make sure that the hole on the plate is facing down twards the bottom part of the slide. Your jetting should be at a 172 main, 42 pilot and the needle in the 3rd or 4th position. This is a good benchmark to start with your jetting. If the carb doesn't have an adjustable leak jet or an aftermarket accelerator pump cover to help eliminate a bog, pick up a 40-45 leak jet from your local Yamaha dealer. They seem to be to only one that carries them. Like $8 and it will help your throttle responce significantly. It's located in the float bowl itself and it just requires a small flat head screwdriver to replace it. I hope this helps you out!

add the ap diaphram to your checklist, when they tear bike has problems while running under load. crackles and pops are sometimes electrics, but going through the carb first is good advice.

Alright ill try that... and thanks for the advice much appreciated

Ap diaphram? Ok ill look ...I ask cuz my coil wire is electrical taped n I wonder if that's not making the plug foul out? Thanks for the help

Ap diaphram = Accelerator pump diaphram. The coil wire can and will cause a misfire but it sounds more like a lean condition to me.

Ok thanks

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