Naches-Area Forest Service Road Closures (permanent; not fire related)


Little bits at a time, making it more difficult to access the forest with an end goal of getting rid of human use of the forest.

This says it all.  "Davidson said closing roads “is not something we want to do. It’s part of (the Forest Service’s) mission. Congress has continued to cut our road maintenance budgets and they expect us to be looking at our road systems and eliminating those we don’t need.”  Part of the FS mission is to decrease access and keep people out.  What a bunch of clowns.  This Davidson lady is equally "liked" by the 4x4 crowd.

Davidson is very "liked" by us locals and pretty much ALL motorized users.  Her personal agenda is to close all motorized use on the national forest.  Luckily through some strategic phone calls, letter writing and petitions, we were able to get the governor involved due to the fact of public safety and the fact that she (Davidson) had the money to make the repairs and chose to use to decommission the roads instead of repair them....hopefully she gets fired or ran out of town like she was ran out of Colorado for the same type of thing.

it kills Me that We pay for this abuse

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