I wanna get a bike, what one?

i am turning 15 really soon and I wanted to start looking for a bike that is street legal and that can also sometimes goes offroad and stuff. I am 6'1FT if that makes any difference. Thanks for your input.

Here is a pick of him on it ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1377386859.179537.jpg

Sorry I tried to post this on mine but check out a honda crf 250 x or crf 450f

KTM 200/250/300 EXC.

KTM 200/250/300 EXC.

Yeah I was looking at those, what about a 450?

Yeah I was looking at those, what about a 450?

That would do you fine. I'm just more of a two-stroke guy myself.

Can you ride on the road at 15 where you live? Isn't 16 the legal age?

Correct, you gotta be 16.

Correct, you gotta be 16.

I am turning 15 soon, you need to be 15 and a half to get a permit or whatever for a car or motorcycle.

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