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need 2001cr250 cdi

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first Id like to say hello and say great forum !!!!


im in desperate need of a 2001 250 cr250 cdi if anyone has a nice spare please let me know thanks 

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Pay Pal ready,,,


anyone have or know where there is a 2001 cr250 cdi


if not has anyone ran a 125 cc cdi on there 250?


I know the timing curve is much different being the 125 power comes on at a higher rpm,

but just seeing how many have ran this combination without issues, I believe using a 125cc cdi on a 250 would require a few degrees of advancement,


but on a high compression 250 with 2-4 deg. advancement and race fuel on a cool plug would there be any risk of detonation?


thanks in advance for any help

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