2012 kx450 vibrates bad!

just bought the bike 2 weeks ago and took it out today for first time. Everyone who rode it said that my handlebars vibrate really bad. told me to check valves. the guy who sold me it said bike it completely stock. However we noticed today the motor mounts have all been removed as well as the head had been removed, we can tell from the bolts have been worn down. any ideas?! bike runs fine, just drips some oil out breather hose thats all i have noticed

I would take the top apart and take a look at everything. Check the crank, take a look at the piston and cylinder, make sure the timing is on and make sure the valves are good and within spec.

man this all just really ticks me off, kid swore up an down the bike was perfect, just put it back on craigslist, i dont feel like messing with it. thanks for the reply though!

Check the motor mounts and make sure everything is tight to spec. Does is run good?

yes i even had my friend who has a 12kx450 also and he said it runs just like his, good idea though, ill check the mounts tomorrow

just went to look real quick, found a mount loose, the one that connects front of motor to front of frame thats closest to forks and front tire. the 2 that are attatched to frame are tight but the big bolt that goes through the motor is loose, i have to find another 9/16 tomorrow so i can tighten it....really hope this is the problem

All of the bolts should be metric not standard.

in for outcome

well, tightened up the 2 mounts and handlebars still vibrate pretty bad, it feels like i can feel the piston going up and down in the bars when i hold on. 

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