XR100 Top End rebuild -need parts-

Bought a 2000 XR100R and need to rebuikd top end with a few parts. Any suggestions on what to do? Or where the cheapest parts are? I need  a new sprocket for the motor, cam gear, head stud front rim and a crank case cover for the left side


xr100 motor.jpg

xr100 <a href='https://thumpertalk.com/link/click/4812/' rel='nofollow' data-ipsHover-target='https://thumpertalk.com/index.php?app=autolink&module=links&controller=content&id=4812' data-ipsHover target='_blank' data-autoLink>top end.</a>jpg


top end 1.jpg

On all but the rim and the cover, I would recommend new OEM parts. Discount Honda Parts or Rocky Mountain ATV. Have you closely checked the camshaft journals in the head? They are often worn badly.

If you were going to keep the bike, and enjoy it into your 60's the way I do, you should think about a cylinder hone.  Rings are cheap, and if the piston is good, you might be able to re-ring it.  As fir the head, I haven't run into any issues yet. But I'm running a BBR120 kit.  And it just keeps on going ....


new knobbies.JPG


XR120 (4).JPG

Partzilla seems to be the cheapest.  

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