Cooling system

My 1998 rm125 goes through radiator fluid in an hour. I can only find a very slow leak at the screw but where could all of it go. I think it's low cause I can't see it in the radiator. The only thing is that my tranny oil comes out grey after not even riding that much. But when I took off the whole cover there was no noticeable leak in there. Where else could it leak from or to.

Head or base gasket, the oil should be grey, if it got white & milky id say the coolant was going into the oil, there's a good chance you have a bad head or base gasket, that or that little screw leaks a lot :p

Yeah. Probably head cause I did a top end on it and it had o rings so I bet that could be the problem. Where would the fluid go if it was a head gasket

In that case its o-rings, if those weren't changed or if they were installed Incorrectly then that could be it, or how did you torque the headbolts down? If it wasn't criss-cross you could've warped the head, and when there's a leak on that mating surface it goes into the combustion chamber, does your exhaust smell like coolant?

I did the cris cross pattern so the head isn't warped but I don't know what coolant smells like when it is burnt. Cause I've been running it 25:1 cause of break in so it's probably the O ring. I know I don't think I installed then good so it would make sense there.

That does make sense, I don't know a way to test the o-rings, a leak test maybe?

Yeah. I might just re install then cause I'm almost positive I didn't put them in right.

Please do and report results

does the exhaust smell sweet

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Not really. But I mean it could. I really don't know. It smells like a 2 stroke to me.

It was the O rings

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