What size bike should a 13 year old have.

My little bro (12) (can't get new bike till next year) has a 85 cc honda and he bought it earlier this year. He looks pretty big on the bike being 5'4 5'5 and 135 lbs. everyone says he needs a bigger bike, well about that he is crazy on dirtbikes! He does tricks on his cr that could kill himself and he could do it just that much quicker with more power. I also think he is getting pretty big on the bike already but I just can see giving him any more power or he will kill himself. So any suggestions on what my dad should do (and my family is not Kawasaki fans so the kx 100 won't cut it) thanks

Maybe a 125 then. Also a kx 100 isn't much of an upgrade over the 85 anyway because its just a kx 85 big wheel with a big bore

Here's a pick of him ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1377388802.854902.jpg

CR500 or a KX500

Lowered 125 is a good choice...

A 500 seems pretty logical too but he might have problems with the power....

CR500 or a KX500

Wheelies for daysss....

CR500 or a KX500

Lol a 500. Would teach him how to ride thats for sure. Then anything would be easier at handling than that beast.

My son was racing a CR250 at his age and size. He had an 85, then tried my 250, then ended up taking it from me! He learned to respect, not fear the power, and improved as a rider immediately. Now, at 20,he still races a 2t 250 against the 450 4 strokes, and does very good every weekend. I feel learning on a 2 stroke makes you a better rider because you have to choose good lines, and not be lazy!

My son is on a RM125.  He is 5'6" and 117lbs.

Buy him some gear, get the bike "set up" right (for him), let him ride for a while and THEN you can consider buying a bigger/faster/slower/smaller whatever bike.

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