VForce 3 reeds install

So I installed the vforce reeds and I had to cut the stock intake boot ears off. It said to use a hacksaw but I did not have a blade so I used a razor blade. It didn't turn out as I wanted, the surface is uneven and not very clean cut. I believe it seals against the reeds but there is extra space between the reeds and the intake boot. Does this matter or hurt the motor? Thanks

Did the kit come with two gaskets?

If it isn't airtight from the filter to the carb to the reeds to the motor then yes it hurts the motor.

Make sure you put some fuel resistant rtv around the gaskets. A lot of the vforce 3 block are not true and have a slight bend in them, creating a small air leak.

The 02 is a 2 piece reed cage unit & the 03 is a 1 piece better design.   If you haven't already used it send it back & get the 03 part # .   I'm running the 03 VF2 version on 02 cases with good results.    

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