Confused about riding

Damn. So today i went out and rode my new 450 at a track for the second time coming off a 125. I know im going faster but i feel SO slow. I go slow in sections and then rip the next one so i end up going decent. I find it hard to be consistent and come into corners like i did on the 125. The 450 is so stable and flies nicely in the air. I can get around the track quick barely giving it gas in 3rd and clear jumps at 1/2 throttle. I feel confused.

I also ate serious shit. I came into braking bumps and whiskey throttled hard. I was hanging off the back of the bike in 3rd and ate shit and hit my head

Ik i need more ride time but...

Riding a 450 efficiently, smoothness is the key. It's not a rev and slam kinda bike like your 125 was....

Learn to take the outside line... getting on the brakes sooner and throttling through the corners while a nice steady hand.... 4ts in general stick so well that the bike won't step out and do anything as wild as your 125 did.

But on the other hand, you already got a taste of what happens when you Donkey Dick the throttle.....

Yeah man i noticed smooth throttle in corners is key. But that whiskey throttle crash scared the shit out of me. I do really like the bike though, i just need to get used to it

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