Removing TTR fly wheel

removing fly wheel became so difficult that i distorted the end of the crank and it mushroomed out.

WTH now if see no choice but to grind it down and reduce the number of thread by one half


and the fly wheel still did not come off even with heat

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use a specific puller for the job.  motion pro sells them which any local dealer can get for a decent price

I did the same thing.  I used a puller but the thing took a huge amount of force to remove. Mine did not noticeably look mushroomed but was distorted just enough where the nut would not go back on.  I was able to repair by filing the outer couple of threads down a bit and then using a split die to clean it back up.  Might work if it is not too badly damaged.

thanks to both

i will be (if i can get it off) cutting off about half of the threads,,, thats how bad it is

a local shop told me he had the yamaha puller for the flywheel and he could not get one off recently and told the owner to come and get it.  the owner said cut the wheel off.

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