**2012 WR450 List of MODS**

Hey guys going to list all my 2012 Wr450 mods if you can name anymore please add


FMF GYTR powercore 4 Slip on


FMF Snap


Throttle Stop screw removed

Air box plugs removed

Power tuned with the Most agressive map out there

2006 OEM YFZ intake CAM

Wiseco Pro-Lite piston

boyesen supercooler water pump



so like I said if anyone can add anymore parts thats can make this machine anymore of a monster

Edited by Menzies450

Nitrous, supercharger, turbocharger, etc, etc, etc.

Why turn the trail racer into a fire breather? Sand riding??

I ride with all my plastics off my bike and I wrap my air filter in a Sobeys bag so it dont get dirty. With all this extra weight off my bike I am now going to physiothearpy on a regual basis cause my bike rips my arms right out of my shoulders.



Bring on the dragon i says

I just lopped 14 pounds off my 2012 WR.   I'm going to take another 6 to 10 pounds off it over the next month.    I'm building the ultimate woods play bike.

What and how are u cutting the weight? Battery? Electric start? Headlight and kick stand?

Edited by Menzies450

Shorai battery is the best investment I made yet, other than the uncorking mods.

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