Where have all the 2 strokes gone, long time passing...

today I was back in time on my 1975 MT250 Honda, 72 Suzuki TS250, 74 XL350 - what nice rides - each different. 


The TS250 was torquier than the MT250 but the MT 250 was just plain smooth.... 


I know the EPA killed two strokes long ago, Wish they would come back - but at least I have mine from back in time.

2 strokes are alive and well. I love my kx250. Street legal and will supermotard it next spring.

Go to a enduro and you will find

Plenty 2 strokes.love old bikes there are a pretty good group of vintage groups on facebook also. If you get away from mainstream m/x there happening everywhere. Just look. I love vintage stuff along with modern.

Yeah .. The PE .. IT enduro bikes are some others that are missed

Only photos, toolkit and patch left. Not really sure of year manufactured, but owned 50cc Bridgestone street bike in 1969 and 175cc Bridgestone street bike in 1970. Had to mix gas and oil on the 50cc. Not necessary on the 175cc because it had an oil injection system (separate fuel tank and oil reservoir). 175cc was dual cylinder. 

plenty of old ones still ridden often around here.  

quite a few new, too: KTM hasn't given up on the 2T folks stateside. a good number of them are street legal, to boot.

I have a 1979 Honda CR250R that I still race vintage with, just got a 2002 Honda CR250R and I am in the middle of fixing it, had a few problems but most of them are fixed now.. 2 strokes are just plain fun to ride..

Me and two other old guys got in a thirty mile woods ride last week on two strokes. A 10 yr old KTM EXC 250, an even older, but capable KDX 200 and me on my one owner '80 VF 414 Montesa. We all had a great day. We all have plated 4 strokes D/S's at home, but it was fun to get out on the 2 strokes.



Plenty 2 strokes over here in Sctoland.

These two pics were taken on Sunday.





Great pics :thumbsup:

There are alot of 2-strokes around here still racing too. Im right on the Ohio/Michigan line so between districts 12 and 14. Every week it seams like more and more are appearing. People are gettin g tired of those $2000.00 dollar four stroke rebuilds.

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