Cr125 trail riding

I have bought and sold bikes. I just made the purchase of a cr125 yr 1999. Im still in the rebuilding process. Any suggestions on anything i could buy to make it more tuned for the woods? no purple powerband garbage jokes either.


Bigger rear sprocket would be the cheapest mod.  If you were planning on keeping the bike for trailing, the best mod would be a 144cc big bore kit with low/mid porting. 

18" rear wheel, flywheel weight, gnarly pipe(if you can get one for your bike)

I installed the camouflage powerband from bass pro shops and it is awesome for trail riding :). Sorry....

Best trail riding mods for your bike are:

a larger rear sprocket- preferably 2 teeth larger; no more than 3.

An 18" rear wheel and a new tire are great ideas.

Torque spacer for the expansion chamber. I've never seen a torque pipe for a 125....???

10oz flywheel weight

Soften the suspension

Then if you want to get a little more involved, install an older cr125 6 speed transmission! Will help a lot....

Then you can think about a big bore kit-

And bark busters, skid plate, kickstand

But then. After spending all that money, you could save it, sell the 125, and get a cr250......

A larger rear sprocket will make a big change. I have experience with flywheel weights on 125s before and they honestly don't do that much. Jetting is important and can make a difference. I have done a lot of jetting changes to make my cr125 better for the woods. Hand guards, skid plate, radiator guards, big gas tank,...

A smaller countershaft sprocket is considerably cheaper than the rear. Won't require a new chain either.

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