holy COW check this out

my friend emailed this link to his zx12 board and in a thread is a cool LINK.

Check it out! WOW!

These guys are nuts


It is a HUGE file

But well worth it!



Where's mo town Utah anyway? I live in Utah and I've never heard of it???? :)

That was cool. I want one.




you surely know what a MO' is???


no offense........hopefully!

But this town is WORLD wide infamous for it's


No offense , but things much different away from here and there is ANOTHER world outside of here, contrary to popular UTAH beliefs!

Where do you ride ?

Maybe we will see you out at the Knolls one of these days. :D

I wonder how much those things headshake at top speed. :)

I have ridden one of those mini sport bikes, they are pretty stable, if you are very flexible. I mean you must lean very forward in the turns to keep the front wheel on the ground because the center of gravity (your body) is over the rear wheel.

They only go about 25-30mph, but are very detailed, water cooled, disc brakes, spar frame......just smaller.

Fun, but not worth the 1500, to be folded up like a pretzel to get on.

Originally posted by SMP:

They only go about 25-30mph, but are very detailed, water cooled, disc brakes, spar frame......just smaller.

Fun, but not worth the 1500, to be folded up like a pretzel to get on.

There is one at the local Yamaha shop here in Austin (Georgetown actually) that list price is $1699 and top speed is 60 mph! They have another one that list for $1099 that the top speed is 35 mph. The faster one is nuts, the powerband kicks in about 35 mph and the front tire will come up on you quick. It's scary fast for such a little bike.

Some more video's of nuts on bikes can be found at





I know what a MO' is obviously, but that doesn't really narrow it down to a specific town. Every town in utah could be considered a MO'town because of the the views here.

We ride at the sand dunes (little sahara), green river, and at most of the tracks around here. I've never been to knolls, but my friends are always heading out there and trying to get me to go. We also do the desert races, cherry creek and all over.

Hey guys,

you are right about a huge file this thing took 5 minutes to download. Cool video though no doubt. Does anybody know where that video was filmed. It looks alot like Deal's Gap in Tenn. I have been there quite a few times on my sportbike (00' ZX9r with my other ridin buddies. This road is insane 318 curves in Eleven miles. You cannot even imagine how many curves there are until you actually ride it. You can roast a brand new set of $330 tires in a weekend at this place. Best place I know of in the US for the twisties. The link says GAP in it and it looks familiar. I have road a couple of pocketbikes before and they do sell ones that will go sixty and wheelie. Las vegas extremes bikers can do a wheelie clean out of sight on one of these. Check out some of their video's. Anyway that was kickass. Just wondering if that was film of the gap. I have some film of that place also. :D:D:)


I am actually in TOOELE.

You should try the Knolls!

You race dez once in a while too?

What #do you run?

I am 7H.

I think cherry creek SUX.........I seperated my shoulder 2yrs ago about 25miles into the first loop of 45miles, came in got gas and a drink and for some STUPID reason I decided pnts for the season championship was more important than a DUMB ol' shoulder!

I finished 2nd in my class which was one of 2 seconds all yr long .......the other was gettin tangled up in Eureka when I was runnin first and tangled with a slower rider that left 3min b4 me!

4min to start THE BEAST!


If you like cherry creek you will think the knolls is AWESOME!

check this out .................It may be the most impractical motorcycle on the planet. You can’t put a license plate on it, take it off-road and it isn’t real comfortable. And do you know what we say? Who cares? Fold yourself onto this thing, twist the throttle just once and it will take threats of physical violence to get you out of the saddle. The motor is a 39.9 cc two stroke that will spin up to (are you ready for this?) 15,500 rpm. The brakes are mechanically actuated discs front and rear, which is a good thing considering the manufacturer’s claimed top speed of 37 mph. Its 37” long, weighs about 50 lbs. and the high-strength steel tube frame will support 242 lbs. There’s no transmission so there’s no clutch. You couldn’t move your foot enough to shift anyway. So here’s what you do: get a few of your friends to buy bikes with you, set up a course out of cones in a parking lot and, presto!, you’re racing. And if you want, we’ll throw in a sheet of Competition Accessories stickers. Shipping charges vary depending on your location.



About 8 years ago when these things came out, they actually raced them here in Phoenix. During the regular road races at Firebird raceway they would have a two lap race on those little things. It was great fun to watch, and super competative.

Ok, now there is another toy I want....

I want one now mommy!!!!

So many toys, so little cash :)


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