Christmas wishes from Africa

Hey all..(that's guys and gals)

Just a message from myself and my family in sunny South Africa (sorry just had to add that in... :D)

Hope you ALL have a great christmas and a magic ( :D) new year and may all your wishes for both christmas and new year be full of big time roost and major air time... :)

Cheers and have a good one... :D


sathumper and family

My wife is near Jo'Burg right now!! Shes spending 2 weeks north of Durban in Phinda (so not Exactly close to you) tagging Leopards with radio Collars.Its her first time in South Africa, and she says she LOVES it! hows the riding there? :)

Thank you! YOu too from wet , rainy northeast US. Merry Christmas to all!!!


Merry Christmas to you and your family from ours in the rainy Northwest USA.

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