Yz 250 won't start any ideas?

Hey guys. I bought a 2006 yz 250 that was fully rebuilt top and bottom end 20 hours ago. I took it out for a ride and it was going amazing until I smashed around a berm and went through a substantial amount of water (but the bike was never submerged or even close) I then stopped immediately after this to have a rest. It then started again and I was riding back to camp when it felt like it ran out of petrol. I stopped checked over the bike and gave it a kick and it went but still felt not right like it wasn't responsive. I then gave it a rest for half an hour and now it won't start.

The bloke before me was running it at 50:1 but I ran it at 40:1 fuel ratio. There appears to be a bit of oil and maybe water on the spark plug??is this possible?

I have put a new plug in. tried new fuel. It has good compression and it just won't kick over. It coughs or sort of backfires every 10 kicks or so.

Any ideas on what I can try would be highly appreciated!!thanks guys

i would say you sucked in some water through your airbox, i would remove the carb and give it a thorough cleaning, making sure all passages are clear, remove your spark plug and put some mixed fuel into your cylinder and give it a bit of a flush out, to try remove any contamination that might of got in there just to be sure. as long as you have spark, compression and good fuel/ air supply the bike should run.

Awesome. Thanks so much for the advice I will try to get it going this weekend. If if doesn't start after I clean out the carb etc is there anything else I should try?

Thanks in advance!!

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