Good Racing Bike? Broc Hepler's Old Bike.

Hello all, I am new to this forum and pretty new to racing. I've owned bikes before but never rode them seriously. I've recently wanted to start racing more seriously so I decided to spend some money on a decent bike. I bought Broc Hepler's old 2006 RMZ250f for sale on craigslist and was wondering if I could do good with it in races. (I'm 15) I know racing is mostly about the skill of the rider(I'm decent, still working on my skill level) but wanted to know if this bike could do well in races?


Good luck with a modded bad year rmz. Besides that, the bike is only going to go as fast as you make it. Put an a rider on it and it will be rode at an a level, put a c rider on it and it will be rode at a c level.

Whatever bike you get, you will be the bike's main limitation.

06 bad year for any rmz. Hate to be the bearer of bad news. Everything on the 250 was problematic and on the 450 you've got the ol manual timing chain tensioner and a questionable valve train. Bike will need extra attention.

Sorry for the extremely late reply lol. I have no free time with school. But thanks for the heads up. I did read that 04-06 had overheat problems, however, that shouldn't be a problem with engine ice and that metal thing that goes on the radiator tubes (can't think of the name) I'll keep an eye on it. I don't plan on keeping this bike forever. As of now, it runs great and I can really focus on improving my technique without crying every time I lay it down. Lol. Then I'll upgrade. Thanks again

One more thing, are 2 strokes still used in racing? For example, when I decide to upgrade, and I get a 2 stroke instead of a 4, would I still be able to race it? I just hear all of the maintenance horror stories about the 4 strokes, and how expensive they are to rebuild.

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2 strokes are still used in amateur motocross. You can run a 250 in the 250f class. Those bikes had more than just overheating problems. They are themselves problems, as in the whole thing. Not trying to be a dick but I really feel sorry for people that own those and post on here that aren't in the know. The new ones aren't stellar but are much better in comparison. 07-09 are ok too. Those early kx/rmz's are total shit. Sorry man.

Okay, thank you. Would you recommend a 2 stroke over a 4 stroke? And I understand, but like I said, I will only have this bike for one season, then it's on to a newer bike. ('10 or newer) the previous owner didnt have any problems supposedly. He had the title from the old owner, the receipts from the rebuilds and what time on the odometer it was rebuilt on. It has 167 hours currently.

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