Crashed and now have a untrue rim and warped rotor

So the title sums it up. I wrecked on my yz250. Just moved up and I'm still getting used to it. Long story short i used to much throttle around a corner, lost traction and went flying off the trail and into a ditch lol. I've checked every thread I could find on every forum and didn't realy find a satisfactory answer so ill ask it here. I've determined that my front rim is untrue by about a quarter of an inch, and the brake rotor is warped by 1/16 of an inch and its rubbing on the brake. So for the rim, I think I could true it back but I always sucked at it. My questions would be when I true it won't that throw all the torques off on the nipples? And for the that fixable would you just buy a new one? The brakes on my bike are so prefect right now that even that the 1/16 warp causes quite a bit of drag. Thanks for the help. I feel worse about the bike than I do about my swollen knee lol

You should not use spoke tightning to true a bent rim, all's you're doing is putting excessive stress on certain spokes that are "pulling" the warp, and the spokes that are opposite have insufficient torque. I would just get another wheel assembly off Ebay. Same for the rotor, once it's bent, it's bent for good and you will  have pulsating front brake feel and poor braking power. Just suck it up do the right thing and replace the parts.

That's what I did when I thought my rim was not repairable. A complete set of a wheel with rotor spacer etc 

Don't even mess around with trying the true your front wheel by loosening and tightening the spokes.  Way to dangerous as the potential failure of a couple spokes breaking at the same time would not be good.


Just get a new rim and spokes and do it right.  Same for the rotor, unless you really like the pulsating feel of a warped disc.

Well that's pretty much what I was wondering. Guess ill have to just suck it up and start ordering stuff.

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