2013 twisting throttle to start

I have to twist the throttle to start it and no choke . It still takes about 10 kicks . I've tried every technique I've ever used on a 4 stroke . This is the only thing that works . 10 kicks is way too many . Bike is new . Just breaking it in . Fuel screw and idle have been adjusted . Runs good just to hard to start . I have checked the jets for blockage , they are all good . Any ideas ?

Choke on and no throttle? My 08 was a no throttle bike but my '10 and '12 are throttle first then start bikes.

I mean twisting it while kicking it . 2 stroke style . After it's warm it's 1st kick . Valves are spot on . If anything maybe a little fat on the pilot . Other than that jetting is pretty good when running .

Sounds like tight intake valves

Sounds too new and tight....

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Or piss poor fuel! And that is definately a problem now days!!

Running VP T4 fuel straight so that is good . Ran about 6 gallons through it now . A little better to start but still pretty hard when cold and never can use the choke . Choke off and twist the throttle . When it's warm : hot start , no throttle , 1 kick .

The 2012 was still carbed I believe,  cranking the throttle should cause fuel to be sprayed from the accelerator pump.   I have an 07WR250,  and an 05 WR450,   I always when cold twist the throttle 3x and use the choke.   If I don't crank the throttle and add the fuel,  then they don't start as easily.


You need to check everything on that carb. AP adjustment to hotstart. Something is out of wack.

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